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Gira Entertainment

Gira Entertainment

Cutting-edge smart home entertainment

No doubt a relaxing evening includes listening to your favourite playlist. Using the Gira Control 9 and 19 control units in conjunction with the Gira G1, you can manage your multimedia devices and loudspeakers straight from the hallway via touchscreen. A simple tap is all it takes to get the Sonos sound system playing in your living room. Using a Bluetooth connection, you can also play music from your smartphone via the Gira docking station. With this connection, the Gira Radio can also become a phone charging station . With Gira, there are over 70 different solutions allowing you to link TV and networking technology. These include HDMI, RCA and USB connections. To enjoy high-quality transmission of sound and picture, almost every audio and video component has a gold coating finish. Enjoy a melodious experience with all Gira Entertainment products.

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