Gira Statia Meteo KNX

Gira Statia Meteo KNX

Remain independent. Of the weather too.

You can follow your daily routine in complete relaxation because, no matter what the weather, your home is prepared for everything. The Gira weather station Plus is particularly convenient, safe and efficient. This system measures nine different meteorological parameters and transmits the current data to the in-house KNX system. Paired devices then perform the desired functions: The sun starts to shine and the blinds are automatically lowered, it gets stormy and they are brought back into a safe position. Or the shutters close in the dark and the exterior and path lighting switches on. It's as simple as that.

Caracteristicile Produsului:

  • Retehnologizabil

The measured values of the KNX weather station Plus.

The KNX weather station Plus is a true genius when it comes to recording and calculating. It records wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, temperature, twilight, relative humidity and air pressure, and also has four sensors to determine brightness based on direction. In addition, it provides absolute humidity, the sensed temperature and thermal comfort. The weather station calculates the current position of the sun at any time via the built-in GPS/GLONASS receiver. The blinds are aligned with the same precision, both in terms of the hanging height and the positioning of the slats. The Gira KNX weather station Plus also has a global radiation sensor. This records the energy input on the roof. This is practical and convenient for owners of a solar system for checking whether it is working correctly or whether maintenance is due. It monitors itself and reports any errors. Of course you can also monitor everything and have all data displayed e.g. on the display of the Gira G1 or your tablet.

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